Frozen in time for 59 years, Cuba is a small but resilient multi-ethnic country with a storied past. It's complex history is reflected in a vibrant blend of gracious people, stunning architecture, classic automobiles, and cultural arts.

Capturing Cuba's adventures are immersive cultural experiences that require extensive time on foot, rather than sight-seeing by bus. Each trip has been carefully designed to appeal to both photographers and non-photographers alike. With the assistance of local photographers and guides, award-winning photographer and Cuba travel expert Scott Fishman will lead you away from the over-crowded tourist areas and into the nearby streets, surrounding neighborhoods, and rural farmlands where the Cubanos carry-on with their daily lives. You will gain intimate access to people and places virtually unseen by most American groups and other foreigners, thereby experiencing authentic Cuba.

Cuba remains an unspoiled treasure but the winds of change are moving swiftly across this tropical island. There is no doubt that the country is about to be swept into it's next era. Experience it with us now and enjoy Capturing Cuba!






Our flagship adventure will provide you an intimate look into the wondrous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Old Havana, Viñales Valley, and colonial Trinidad.



Our 5-day Havana adventure will provide you with an in-depth view of a city defined by it's resilient people, beautiful architecture, classic cars, and cultural arts.



Available in 2018, our newest adventure will take you to cities and towns in Eastern and Central Cuba rarely visited by tourists. Stay tuned for details and dates!