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“Cuba was amazing! Through a jam-packed schedule of activities and a wide variety of experiences, Scott gave us unique opportunities to immerse ourselves in Cuban culture. The people, architecture, music, and art are incredible, making Cuba my new favorite destination.” - Kerry O. (Heart of Cuba, April 2018)


“I just want you to know how much I appreciated the January Cuba trip. Our ten days were truly a memorable experience. You gave us unparalleled access to cultural treasures. I will long be talking about the music, the ballet, and sharing the photos of the exclusive Afro-Cuban dance company performance. Many thanks!” - Benn G. (Classic Cuba, January 2018)

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"This was an outstanding experience that I am more than happy to endorse! Scott arranged a marvelous trip and worked hard throughout the journey keeping up with changes and taking steps to make certain that things went as smooth as could be possible. It is Cuba and things do change. As a professional photographer himself Scott has a keen eye for photogenic spots and arranged interviews with the local people and visits to numerous intriguing locations to make this a very positive and worthwhile experience." - Tim C. (Classic Cuba, Apr. 2017)

"I just want to thank you again for our fantastic Cuba trip! I've thought about it a lot since we've been back. It was such a great opportunity and I appreciate being able to have had experiences that we might not have had otherwise if not for your planning." - Debbie C. (Classic Cuba, Apr. 2017)

"I was on the March 2017 adventure. I never traveled with a nicer group of people. The atmosphere during the entire trip was of cooperation, exploration, and discovery. Because of Scott, we were invited into homes, meeting people, learning how they lived, and watching them enjoy life. The pictures that I have from the trip are some of the most beautiful I have ever taken. There were a large number of opportunities to see Cuba from many different perspectives. It was a dream like experience and I am seriously considering accompanying Scott on another trip next year." - Jay A. (Classic Cuba, Mar. 2017)

"I'm not a fan of group travel and by no means am I a photographer, so my decision to travel with Capturing Cuba was not made easily. After much research, I chose this trip for a few reasons. First and foremost, I liked the intimacy of the small group size. Second, the itinerary and special activities would provide the opportunity to see and experience more of Cuba's people and culture than any other trip. Third, I determined that Scott was extremely passionate and knowledgeable about Cuba. My experience surpassed my highest expectations. I am a frequent world-traveler and this was one of my best experiences to date. Go with Capturing Cuba! You will not regret it. It will be an adventure of a lifetime." - Rose C. (Classic Cuba, Mar. 2017)

I most enjoyed our time spent with the farmers and animals as they worked the tobacco fields in the Viñales Valley. I saw sights and met characters in the magnificent countryside that would not have been possible without Scott's many trusted and established relationships. These relationships and his knowledge of Cuba truly enhanced my entire experience. I'm an aspiring photographer and learned how to capture images that tell stories about the subjects in them. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott as an excellent guide and photographer, as well as an overall Cuba connoisseur. Gracias Scott!" - Aja A. (Private Tour, Jan. 2017)

"Seeing Cuba in the way we had, the events we attended, the people I met, and the memories we created were amazing. I will look back on this trip as an incredible experience! If not for you putting this adventure together, I would not have any of this and for that I’m grateful. Thank you!" - Jeff W. (Classic Cuba, Dec. 2016)


"I've never before experienced so much of the local culture and taken so many amazing photographs on a trip. Ours was full of exciting photo shoots, private performances, and intimate meetings with Cubans ranging from farmers to the famous. Scott did an excellent job adapting to last minute schedule changes and orchestrating events to maximize our time. He and his guides taught me to be a better photographer. Cuba is a beautiful country, and I definitely felt that I experienced all that I could in the days that I was there. I highly recommend the Classic Cuba adventure." - Nathan R. (Classic Cuba, Oct. 2016)

"If you're looking for a different and more intimate type of trip to a foreign country, Capturing Cuba has what you want. The intimacy comes from the contact with the individual people you'll meet. I give Scott high marks for a terrific exploration of a fascinating country, only recently made available to Americans." - Stephen V. (Classic Cuba, Oct. 2016)


"Visiting Havana, Viñales, and Trinidad was truly a once in a lifetime experience made possible through the vision and meticulous planning of Scott. Staying with local families really added to the flavor of the experience. It was an amazing adventure." - Alice V. (Classic Cuba, Oct. 2016)