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We offer small group, cultural tours for travelers seeking an authentic experience beyond the well-beaten tourist path. 


Our trips are designed for photographers and non-photographers of all interest and skill levels. Bring any camera or none at all.


We provide privileged access to locations, intimate interactions with the locals, private performances, and exclusive activities.


Frozen in time for 59 years, Cuba is a small but resilient multi-ethnic country with a complex history and storied past. The island nation is brimming with vibrant art, soul-stirring music and villages cloaked in colonial charm. Home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a population as warm and scintillating as its tropical climate, Cuba is once again accessible to American travelers and is a country begging to be explored.

Our adventures are immersive cultural experiences that require extensive time exploring on foot, rather than sight-seeing by bus. Cuba travel expert and award-winning photographer Scott Fishman has traveled to Cuba more than 20 times since March 2015 and has established many trusted relationships. He will lead you away from the over-crowded tourist areas and into the nearby streets, surrounding neighborhoods, and rural farmlands where the locals carry-on with their daily lives. You will gain privileged access to people and places virtually unseen by tourists and learn first-hand about the forces that continue to transform Cuban society. Exclusive visits and private performances of great cultural significance have been carefully selected to provide lasting memories and exciting photographic opportunities.

At Capturing Cuba we practice responsible travel and ask that each of our participants to do so as well. In the simplest of terms responsible travel is being socially and culturally aware when you travel, understanding and your affect on the places you visit, and trying to make that affect a positive one.

Cuba remains an unspoiled treasure but the winds of change are moving swiftly across this tropical island. Join us now!




Our flagship 10-day adventure provides an intimate look into Cuba’s wondrous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Old Havana, Viñales Valley, and Trinidad


Spend 5 nights in Havana for an in-depth view of a city defined by it’s vibrant blend of gracious people, classic cars, stunning architecture, and cultural arts.


Coming in 2020, our newest adventure will take you to Cuba’s Eastern provinces to explore some of the island’s less visited but equally important cities and towns.





Join us for the 27th International Ballet Festival in Havana to experience classical and contemporary dance by some of the world's leading troupes.



The 13th Havana Art Biennial will provide a dynamic exploration of Cuba’s vibrant art scene as artists from over 40 countries descend on the city to exhibit their work.



Does your group have special interests or a need to travel on specific dates? If so, we can create a customized itinerary to provide the exact experience you desire.